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Birding in McKenzie County

When visitors first see the badlands of the little Missouri River they are struck by the beauty of the area. The many miles traveled across the prairie makes it all the more dramatic when the country drops away into a maze of coulees, buttes, and canyons. The hardwood draws, cottonwood river bottoms, Juniper thickets and colorful badlands slopes are all the more startling for their contrast to the ocean of prairie that surrounds them.

To the birder this close juxtaposition of different ecotypes provides a unique opportunity to observe a large variety of bird life requiring different habitats in close proximity to each other. In addition McKenzie County is a place where East meets West. Among other species the birder can find Eastern and Western King Birds, Eastern Blue Birds and Mountain Blue Birds, Red and Yellow Shafted Flickers, and Magpies and Eastern Blue Jays.
Over 200 different species of birds have been observed in the Badlands of the Little Missouri River in North Dakota. 124 species are known or thought to breed here. The Badlands is a good land for birders. For more information about birding in the badlands contact the staff at Theodore Roosevelt National Park at 701-842-2333.


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