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Lewis and Clark Trail in McKenzie County

The Confluence of the Missouri and the Yellowstone Rivers, which played an important role in the Lewis and Clark expedition, is located on the northwestern border of McKenzie County. Corps of Discovery enthusiasts note that Lewis and Clark considered the Confluence of these two great rivers as one of the most important places in North America. The actual confluence of the rivers is located in McKenzie County, historical and interpretive information can be found at the Missouri-Yellowstone Confluence Interpretive Center located just across Lake Sakakawea to the north.

Lewis and Clark noted in their journals that is was in McKenzie County, near Tobacco Garden Resort, that they saw the remains of numerous Indian camps. It was also near Tobacco Garden that the Corps of Discovery ran into their first grizzly bear. Visitors to the area can experience both the confluence, the Cut Bluff and Tobacco Garden area much the same as the explorers and the American Indian would have experienced it in 1804 and 1806--the land remains relatively untouched.



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