Theodore Roosevelt National Park - North Unit

Theodore Roosevelt came to Dakota Territory in 1883 to mend a broken heart after the death of his wife and his beloved mother on the very same day. He could not have imagined how his adventure in this remote and unfamiliar place would forever alter the course of the nation.


Little Missouri National Grasslands

Stretching over one million acres, the Little Missouri National Grasslands offers the opportunity to view the only bighorn sheep in the state of North Dakota. Elk, antelope, whitetail and mule deer, sharp-tailed grouse, eagles, falcons and the busy prairie dogs often present themselves for the enjoyment of the visitor.


Maah Daah Hey Trail

The Maah Daah Hey Trail is a world-renowned 97-mile trail that weaves through the north and south units of Theodore Roosevelt National Park and the Little Missouri National Grasslands. The name originated with the Mandan Tribes and translates to “land that will be around for a long time.”


Missouri-Yellowstone Confluence Center

The Missouri-Yellowstone Confluence Interpretive Center tells the story of the confluence of these two mighty rivers, as well as provides the same magnificent view that Lewis and Clark Expedition members enjoyed when they visited in 1805 and 1806.


Fort Union Trading Post National Historic Site

This fort was the most important fur trading post on the upper Missouri for 39 years (1828-1867) – longer than any other post on the frontier. Fort Union is renowned as a center of peaceful economic and social exchange between Plains Indians and white cultures.


Earth Lodge Village, Three Tribes Museum

The Mandan, Hidatsa and Arikara, known collectively as the MHA Nation or Three Affiliated Tribes, welcome visitors to experience their vibrant culture. The tribes believe their presence in North America is from the beginning of time.